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Duragen Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

63-2,500 Amps.
The ATS Breaker Motor Drive will perform according to the task programmed into the ATS and will source power from the metropolitan electricity or the generator with a sensor monitoring power supply from both sources. If power from the metropolitan generator is out, then it will send a command for the generator to start and redirect the source of power accordingly. The advantage of the Duragen ATS Breaker Motor Drive is that it is equipped with an Electrical Interlock and Mechanical Interlock. It is used to protect the conflicting switching of power sources.

  • Electrical interlock To prevent electrical circuit problem where a switch commands start while another switch can override and command a stop to the operation.
  • Mechanical interlock A second tier prevention system that is non-electrical in case the former fails.


Filter engine spare parts

Supplying the Genuine spare Parts for well known Engine brand Cummins Volvo Komatsu Lister petter such as Lubricate oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Water filter and etc

Filter engine spare parts Filter engine spare parts Filter engine spare parts


Sound Proof Room

We offer service in designing the generator room that is suitable to the generator set you purchase and sound proof using ‘Elephant Brand’ GC materials installed on the wall. The material is made of hard fiber covered with special non-flammable cloth and is installed according to international standards of ASTM, NFPA 90A and the Thai Industrial Certification 486 and 487.

Sound proof room


Sound inlet & outlet attenuator

Duragen also provides design service for the Inlet Attenuator for air coming in, and the Outlet Attenuator for air going out. The size and lid of the attenuator will be proportionate as well as sound proof.

Sound inlet & outlet Sound inlet & outlet



Rectifier Service Kit