Genuine Stamford Spare Parts

Here we service only genuine parts from STAMFORD for alternators with a warranty period (according to international warranty standard).

Part List

Item Description
1 Complete PMG upfit kit
2 PMG Cover only included in Kit
3 Current PMG rotor/stator repair kit
4 Current PMG rotor/stator repair kit
5 NDE Bearing cap (regreaseable brg)
6 NDE Bracket
7 NDE Bearing Kit (Sealed)
8 NDE Bearing cartridge
9 Exciter stator
10 Main stator frame assy
NDE Air inlet cover
12 Main rotor assy
Exciter rotor to fit internal bore
14 Rotating rectifier assy
15 Diode fwd/rev & varistor kit
16 Main terminal board
17 Terminal box end panel NDE
18 Terminal box end panel DE
19 Terminal box side panel
20 Terminal box lid
21 AVR Cover plate
22 AVR Mounting bracket
23 AVR
24 Auxiliary terminal board
25 Heater
26 Terminal box for heaters
27 DE Bracket
28 DE Bracket screen
29 DE Louvre Kit
30 DE Bearing cartridge
31 DE Bearing kit (Sealed)
32 DE Bearing cap
*** This assembly drawing is reference from STAMFORD Alternator Model S5. ***
Alternator Model AVR* Model (Standard) AVR* Model
with PMG**
Diode & varistor Kit Model
P0/P1 AS480 -- RSK-1101
S0/S1 AS540 -- --
UC22/27 AS440 MX341*/MX321* RSK-2001
S4 AS440 MX341*/MX321* RSK-5001
S5 AS440 MX341*/MX321* RSK-5001
S6 AS440 MX341*/MX321* RSK-6001
S7 -- MX322 RSK-6001
Upfit options
Alternator Model
Quadrature Droop kits
Permanent Magnet Generator Excitation
Anti-Condensation Heater
Rotating Rectifier Assembly
Power Factor Controller
Isolation Transformer

Model Identification

To avoid errors or delay in filling your parts order, always state the MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER from the Alternator nameplate. The alternator serial number is located on a data tag on the alternator.