Duragen Engineering Company Limited  is committed and confident in providing a one stop service to our clients backed by our team of electrical and engine engineers who will offer keen after sales service and follow up. Our parts are also of the highest international standards ordered directly from abroad. At Duragen, “Efficient Service and Maintenance Are Our Main Objective.


  • The company certifies to the quality of the generator manufactured or distributed by Duragen Engineering Company Limited for the period of 1 year
  • The warranty is effective from the day the generator is delivered to the client (first commissioning) or from the date stipulated on the warranty document.
  • The company provides free servicing in case of improper operation resulting from the fault of the manufacturer or parts failure resulting from normal usage covered by the products’ specifications in the company’s quotation.
  •  The company provides warranty for machines used in Thailand only.
  • The components not covered under the warranty are the battery, and perishable parts such as engine oil filter, air filter, solar filter, and lubricant.
  •  The company will void the warranty in case the model and serial number in the warranty document and those on the generator do not correspond, or the warranty document is damaged, torn, or shows information tampering in important sections.
  • The company will void the warranty immediately in case the generator is tampered with, or is relocated from its original location of installation by a party other than the Duragen company.
  •  The warranty does not cover damage to the parts resulting from crime, or deliberate destruction, fire, theft, or damage resulting from natural disasters such as flood, tsunami and earth quake.
  • Servicing advice via telephone from expert engineers at Tel. 02-328-2171-6

Package Service

Duragen provides maintenance check and repairs of Stamford generators, AC generators, and generator sets by expert teams well experienced in the business equipped with specialized equipment. The teams are able to check the electrical as well as the engine components from generators of 5 kVA to 2,750 kVA output. Duragen offers servicing anywhere in Thailand within 24-48 hours and stand behind a servicing warranty.
Besides this, the company can also overhaul generators in the engine area or the AC generator plus service genuine parts to ensure that our clients get the best and most efficient generators.

  • We provide a thorough annual check up for clients whose warranty has expired and require the peace of mind, through our special annual maintenance package. Clients can state their desired check up period, and we will be there anywhere in Thailand with documented results.

General Maintenance Checklist

It’s important to note that this is a general checklist and the steps may vary depending on the specific generator model and manufacturer. It’s always best to consult the generator’s owner manual for specific maintenance requirements.

  1. Check oil level: Make sure that the oil level in the generator is at the correct level and that the oil is clean and free of debris.
  2. Check coolant level: Make sure that the coolant level in the generator is at the correct level and that the coolant is clean and free of debris.
  3. Check air filter: Make sure that the air filter is clean and not clogged with debris. Replace the air filter if it is dirty or clogged.
  4. Check fuel filter: Make sure that the fuel filter is clean and not clogged with debris. Replace the fuel filter if it is dirty or clogged.
  5. Check battery: Make sure that the battery is charged and in good condition. Clean the battery terminals and connections.
  6. Check belts: Make sure that the belts on the generator are tight and in good condition. Replace any belts that are worn or damaged.
  7. Check exhaust: Make sure that the exhaust system is clean and free of debris.
  8. Check alternator: Make sure that the alternator is working properly and that the voltage and current levels are within the normal range.
  9. Run the generator: Run the generator for a short period of time to ensure that it is operating correctly and to check for any unusual noises or vibrations.
  10. Inspect the generator: Conduct a visual inspection of the generator, looking for any signs of wear, damage, or leaks.

Maintenance as needed

Power generators have a lot of moving parts, from the control panel (the brains of the generator) to the battery and cables. Here are a few tasks you’ll want to consider for a preventive generator maintenance checklist.

  • Repairs
  • Replace filters
  • Lubrication
  • Cleaning
  • Cooling system servicing
  • Fuel system servicing

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