The 5-2000kVA Generator Set (Specification)
The strength of Duragen generators are that they are completely assembled in Thailand according to internationally-set standards using leading diesel engine brands namely Cummins, Komatsu, Lister Petter, Doyles, Volvo, John Deer, Nissan, Hino, Yanma and more. The engines are also assembled with the leading alternator from Stamford with 1,500 to 1,800 rpm, and which are suited to all needs from 5kVA to 2,750 kVA. The basic components of a generator are the engine, the alternator, Radiator and fan, battery, control panel, fuel tank, rubber mounts, a safety circuit panel, silencer and exhaust.

The Duragen Generator Set is reliable and trustable in the design and manufacture of power generation sets. Duragen Generator Set’s strength is in the local assembly of generator sets which use popular engines such as CUMMINS, KOMATSU, LISTER PETTER, VOLVO, DEUTZ, JOHN DEERE, NISSAN, HONDA, YANMA and HINO coupling with well known brand alternator of  “Stamford” in order to meet customers’ requirements for reliability, power quality, rated performance and efficient operation.

Duragen Generator sets are the core component of any on-site power system. Generator sets include a prime mover fuelled by diesel and an alternator that provides power at 50 Hz or 60Hz, depending on the applications.  The standard of scope of supply is included Prime mover engine, AC generator, radiator, battery, control panel board, internal or external fuel tank, rubber anti vibration mounts, Generator protection system etc.

Type of Generator Set

Open type

Generator Set on base frame included radiator and control panel board, it’s recommended to install in the Generator room.

Canopy Soundproof Generator set

Set of Generator included the sound proof and weather proof enclosure which is able to install mainly outdoor building.  Normally the 4 sides average of soundproof at 1 meter is 85 db.

Weather proof Generator set

Weather proof Generator set Set of Generator included the weather proof enclosure which is able to install mainly outdoor building.

Marine Generator Set

Duragen Marine Generator Set meets the classification requirements of various marine societies. It is also available for prime power rating in marine industrial such as container vessel, tug boat, cruiser ship, and oil drill platform and etc.