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Heater Condensation Bearing Kit


 Rectifier Service Kit

Comprised of diode and surge suppressor to prevent transient load

PMG Kit (Permanent Magnet Generator Kit)

The PMG kit is suitable for generators with capacity of UC 27 model and above. The kit will help maintain the stability and efficiency of the load, even for high power motors, prevent short-circuiting in the system, and substitute for non-linear load.

Separate Voltage Trimmer

The Separate Voltage Trimmer acts like a remote to tune the electrical output and can be installed externally.

Quadrature Droop Kit

The Quadrature Droop Kit helps adjusts the load in case two or more generators present used but cannot be used with the AVR 460.

Heater Condensation

The heat condensation coil helps distribute heat within the generators to increase the efficiency of the generators in case they have not been used for some time, and is located in a humid surrounding.

Power Factor Controller(PFC3)

POWER FACTOR CONTROLLER (PFC3) is designed to control the WATTLESS, (REACTIVE), CURRENT, under all mains VOLTAGE STEPPING CONDITIONS. By maintaining a CONSTANT POWER FACTOR, the PFC3 will control the REACTIVE CURRENT taken by the generator, irrespective of MAINS VOLTAGE VARIATION.

Bearing Kit

The Drive End bearing kit and the non-drive end bearing kit are used in case the existing bearing kits are damaged.

RTD bearing

A sensor kit that measures the heat of the bearings and can display readings. (Depending on the monitor in each generator set)



Rectifier Service Kit