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Duragen Engineering Company Limited was established in 1999 by Mr. Prasoot Bhusawang as the sole representative of Stamford generators from the United Kingdom. Duragen has its own generator assembly factory and is ready to service the installation of generators for clients anywhere in Thailand.


Duragen-thWith over 30 years of experience, Mr. Prasoot Bhusawang and his team of experts in local and international generator brands, have served key state and private organizations with responsive and precise service. This commitment means Duragen is constantly improving its products and services and maintain the highest standards for clients always.


Duragen Engineering Company Limited is Thailand’s exclusive distributor of Stamford AC Generator and Generator Set from 5kVA – 2,000 kVA both industrial and marine type.


001120x80Duragen’s Factory

The generator set factory is located in the Pravet district of Bangkok and is able to assemble generators from 5 kVA – 2,000 kVA. The work areas are separated into the design & assembly, engine, paint, test, installation, and electrical departments. All generators are tested and quality assured before being sent to install at client’s premises.



002120x80Sales Department

Generator sets are recommended based on the actual need of the customers with the right engine power, engine compartment and AC generators to assemble together. All this is done with strict adherence to world standards and takes in the concern for the location of the installation, the foundation, heat and air ventilation, fuel tanks, and noise.



003120x80 Design and Assembly Department

Generatorsets are designed as Open type, Waterproofed, and Canopy Soundproofed and are assembled on the base frame with digital and analog controls.



004120x80 Engine and Mechanical Department

Gasoline and diesel engines from 5 – 2,700 hp, with 2-stroke or 4-strokes, and in line or V-shaped are inspected here and are checked for their temperature, low oil pressure and speed.



005120x80 Electrical and Control Department

This area handles the electrical wiring of the control cabinet for both the analog and digital types, inspect the electrical circuits, designs and install the automatic transfer switch (ATS) and non-automatic. The electrical systems are checked with advanced equipment such as the milliohms meter, the clip amp multi meter, the mega-ohms meter, electrical charge in the battery-testing instrument, and phase indicator. This department also designs and installs the Paralleling Synchronize System both automatic and manual.



006120x80Test & Commissioning Department

All the generator sets are tested right here according to international standards before being delivered to the clients, using the Load Bank which is also on rent for testing on location.



007120x80 Transportation & Installation Department

Delivery and installation in Thailand and abroad is overseen by this department where Duragen Engineering provides a sound proof room, an anti-mount vibration, and the installation of an inlet and outlet sound attenuator, with exhaust and internal wiring casing.



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